Friday, February 11, 2011

Flowers From the (Vegetable) Garden

Like many people, I absolutely love fresh flowers and usually try to pick them up weekly for the house. Last week I checked out a local flower shop that recently changed ownership and among the roses, carnations, lilies and other "common" flowers, she had some b-e-a-u-tiful BIG white flowering kale. Completely new to me. Never used vegetables as flowers before. We put it with some eucalyptus and other wild-looking fillers, and it has been one of my most favorite bouquets I have bought yet.

Here the flowers are a week ago fresh as can be:

Yesterday (a WEEK later) I trimmed the dying outside pieces off the kale and wah-la! Good as new! How gorgeous?

After getting curious and doing some research, I realized I am WAY behind in the floral design department because although this is the first time I have ever seen kale used this way, it looks like it isn't uncommon at all. Um, where have I been?

Here are some gorgeous examples and future floral inspiration for when I hit up the produce stand at my local farmers market next week:

Beautiful, right? What other "veggies" are you using for your floral arrangements?

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