Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Book Paper Flowerettes

With all the silver and gold on our tree, I was looking for something to add a little matte depth to all the metallic and shimmer going on. I am loving all the book paper I have been seeing everywhere, so I decided I'd try incorporating it into our tree. Luckily, I have a TON of books from Sky's 30th party last year (I used antique paper for everything including the cupcake toppers, decor, cards, etc.).

To start, I cut varying sizes of circles and decided 3 layers of paper was sufficient. Next time I might add some tissue paper or fabric into the mix.

After layering 3 pieces of paper I sewed the back together (see below photo) and tied with red thread for contrast.

After sewn, I played with the shape of each to create a little flower. Voila!

These could be great gift toppers, or even better, a fun garland - perfect for any time of the year and easily customizable with varying papers and fabrics. Best of all, it is incredibly cheap, all while adding that homemade touch to your decor and gifts.

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