Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple, Easy + Pretty Holiday Gift Wrap

One of my favorite parts of gift giving anytime of the year is the wrapping. Especially at Christmas, if your gifts are going to be placed under the tree, why not have them be part of your decor? I always have to keep in mind that many of the gifts will be sent home to the Midwest, so I can't include huge bows or things that will be flattened or ruined during shipping. This year I used a more neutral palette with basic brown wrapping ($2.99 at Target for a roll), cream colored yarn, jute string and brown and white baker's twine, all found at local craft and fabric stores. Inexpensive and beautiful, and I love the different looks and textures of each:

For the tags, I used a purplish grey cardstock, white paper doilies and spray Tacky Glue:

I cut the cardstock into about 1" by 2" rectangles, sprayed the doilies with glue, placed on cards and trimmed accordingly. They turned out beautifully!

The final product - simple yet pretty and easy to ship! I used varying amounts of yarn, twine and jute string to create different looks for each package.

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