Monday, January 24, 2011

S'more Bars

Every football season we get all of our friends together and Sky makes up a huge batch of his delicious homemade chili for a little get together. Maybe all the amazing summer-like 70 degree weather in San Diego inspired me this year, but I decided to go with S'more bars for dessert. After finding this super easy recipe online, I tackled it the morning of and they turned out pretty darn tasty. I will warn you though - they were a little messy (lots of graham crumbs) and would probably taste AMAZING warm out of the oven. But even after I cooled them in the fridge and they were soft enough to eat, we all enjoyed thoroughly. :)

And as you will see below, I was TOO BUSY to even take a picture of the final product! Oh well. At least you get the idea.

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